Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Final Day at West Lincoln Before Maternity Leave!

Well, I have made it as far as I can go with my students...since Dr. Mills will be admitting me tomorrow night, I decided to take off tomorrow to spend with Ben before going into the hospital to welcome SarahBeth. It will be an adjustment for him moreso than Andrew I think...since he is used to being the baby...he is excited about his new sister though.

My contractions came pretty frequently yesterday afternoon so I went in to be checked...they must have just been the fake ones b/c they eventually stopped after I got relaxed. I will go back to the Dr. tomorrow afternoon at 3. Hopefully I will have dialated some more by then...regardless, he is supposed to put me in! He is on call on Thursday....so I'm sure he will! My sub is all lined up to come tomorrow. I hope the kids don't give her too hard of a time!!

I love teaching by my patience has grown thin. I am ready to have my sweet baby girl and get back into my normal clothes again...I love being pregnant...but at the end...it can be a challenge to do most things!!

How much will she weigh? Who will she look like? How long is she? I am so excited that I get to answer these questions in about 48 hours!!

Stay tuned for pictures and keep us in your prayers!


~neisha~ said...

Good luck to you, Laura!! I can't wait to see some sweet baby girl photos posted on here!! I'll be thinking about you and praying for you ...

Angela said...

How exciting! You and Sarah Beth are in my prayers for a safe and easy delivery. I'll be checking back for pics!