Thursday, December 11, 2008

And the Baby Is....

Roger and I really contemplated finding out the sex of baby #3. With both of the boys we waited until their births to find out what there were...but we are planning that this will be our last baby and so I wanted to find out. We discussed it back and forth even up until going into the sonogram room yesterday afternoon. I was very anxious...we watched as the sonographer showed the sweet head and face...then she looked at the hands and feet...and then she asked..."So, do you want to know?" I looked at Roger and he said yeah, so we both prepared as she took a look between the sweet little legs of our baby...and guess what????

We are so excited!! Now, I just can't WAIT to hold her. We would have been excited if she had been a boy but were praying that God would allow us the priviledge of raising a little girl along with our two boys! The boys are so excited to as they both said they wanted a baby sister. And so now, we have to decide on a name...don't have a clue but we have plenty of time. I hope when I get back to school to be able to scan the sonogram pictures so that you can see how sweet she is in her second pictures (see earlier blog for first pictures). Please pray that the remainder of the pregnancy will go smoothly and we can welcome this sweet blessing into our lives in April, 2009!!

Snow Day!

We were out of school today due to several inches of snow! I must say that it was exciting because we very rarely see snow in Mississippi. The boys and Roger enjoyed playing but not for was very cold and wet!! Roger went to work but was sent home at about 9 so we have spent most of the day together! We ended up going to Mama's around 11 a.m. because we lost electricity and it got pretty cold in the house pretty quickly!!

Here are some pictures that Courtney took earlier...
As you can see, Andrew will be singing something about wanting his two front teeth for Christmas!! He just lost the second top middle one last night at church.
This is me, Andrew and Lane (my nephew) playing together. Roger and Ben are in the background. It was so cold especially without gloves!!

Ben was quickly shouting that he wanted to inside. Here he is shedding the gloves...he is not much on being cold...even if there is snow everywhere!!

It was fun...I just dread having to make up the missed day of school!! It was good to get to spend the day with family :)

Ben's 4th Birthday

WOW! What exciting things have happened since my last entry. We celebrated a wonderful Thanksgiving! The family, food, and fun were all memorable. Then on Black Friday we (Mama, Me & Courtney) went shopping at 4 a.m. It was fun but we have decided that we will never try McComb again. I saw fights in the Wal-Mart store that required was quite an experience. We'll try Jackson next year!

On Saturday, we had Ben a birthday party. He wanted the Veggietales theme and needless to say I looked everywhere but could not find any birthday party supplies. We were able to find examples of cakes online and so Mama took a stab at making a Bob & Larry cake. It was so cute. Ben was SO proud of it!!

Ben is such a cutie...He is growing up so fast. He got a VeggieTales castle that he loves playing has all the little characters and he enjoys playing "house" with them. The carrot's name is actually really "Laura" and so he has given another one of the characters the name "Roger"...he has such a vivid imagination...I can't wait to see the ways that God chooses to use him! I love you "Ben, Ben"!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday!

I must say that I am excited as Thanksgiving holidays get closer and closer. I have so much to be thankful for...I have to be sure that I am excited about the true meaning of this holiday and not just that I get a week off of work!! God is such a wonderful Saviour! He has blessed me beyond what I could imagine or deserve!

I forgot to mention in my last update that we are scheduled for a sonogram at my next check-up on baby #3 (December 10th at 2:45). So many ask if I am going to find out the gender...I didn't with either of my first two...I am tempted with this one. We do plan for this to be my last baby...and most of you know that my desire is for a girl...Roger really wants a girl...but God knows what we NEED! If I found out in the sonogram room that it was a boy, then I may be tempted to be a little disappointed...but if I wait until the baby is born..and after laboring and waiting, they hand me a precious little boy, there is no way I could look down at his sweet face and be disappointed or say "I wish you were a little girl." That may not make a lot of sense to most of you. But it is almost like opening a Christmas present too early. Roger is up for what I want...we can find out or not...and I am so tempted...but at this point...I think we'll wait for the surprise!

Andrew and Ben continue to make us smile everyday. Ben will be four in just a little over a week...he says the cutest things. Last night he called his daddy "Baby"...Roger nearly fell out of the chair was precious...Andrew had a little case of the stomach bug yesterday so he missed his first day of school. He had perfect attendance last year in Kindergarten and so far had not missed a day this year...another reason that we feel so blessed. The kids are rarely sick and when they are...they normally get over it pretty quickly.

I hope to do some fall cleaning next week. I really need to sell some of the boys clothes...the shed is running over with Rubbermaid boxes. I have everything that both of them have ever worn and 12 boxes takes up a lot of room. I want to keep the best things in case I do have another boy but we have got to have some room. I have no idea what we'll do with the baby's clothes...we really need another closet. I guess if the baby is a girl, Andrew and Ben will share a room. If it's a boy, then they'll probably do as they are room with beds and the other room for a play room with all their toys. We have talked about adding on...we really need to...we are just kinda waiting to see what the economy and interest rate does. We only owe12 years on our house. We had thought about selling and rebuilding but it is so hard to find land around here...we'll just keep praying about it.

Well I guess I've said enough. I hope you all have a good rest of the week!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November Check-Up on Baby #3

Whew! We've been busy! Monday I went for my check-up with Dr. Mills. He said everything looked good. We listened to the heartbeat, this time he only had to use a regular stethoscope. As he listened, the baby kicked making a thumping noise...I couldn't actually feel it but it was very sweet to hear. I have began feeling the butterflies as most call it...the first feelings of movement from the baby. It is the sweetest feeling!! I guess when it was kicking at the doctor's office, they weren't hard kicks...

This weekend, Roger took us fishing. We didn't catch a thing but we had a lot of fun together as a family. We went out to the farm of Roger's boss. It was very secluded and beautiful. Andrew got the new rocket fishing rod that you actually shoot instead of cast. He loved it! So did Roger...he wasn't constantly casting for Andrew...and it is a constant thing for him...he can't leave it out there more than 10 secs. Ben played in the dirt most of the time...and followed me around the pond...I cast a few times...until the bait hung on a stick in the pond...then I was pretty much out of luck as Roger was way around the other side. Saturday night, Mama and Daddy fixed steaks for everyone. I ended up eating a bowl of cereal. The smoke smell just killed my appetite.

Yesterday we had a wonderful veteran's day program here at the school. Daddy was able to bring MaMaw and PaPaw. They seemed to enjoy it. The program was special and PaPaw even won a doorprize at the reception.

Well, I must go for now! Sorry I didn't have pictures of us fishing. I took my camera but never used it :)

God Bless!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Little Handsome Ring Bearer

Ben was in a wedding this summer and was the ringbearer...he is so handsome...alot like his daddy :) Here are some pictures! I have some more that he took with Roger but they are on the laptop and I've not had a chance to download them...hopefully I can post those soon!

Ben (You handsome lil man)

Andrew & Ben (aren't they both adorable)

Ben & Me

Old Fashioned Fall Festival - What a Blast to the Past!

This weekend was great! On Saturday, our church hosted an Old Fashioned Fall Festival. Most of us dressed like "Little House on the Prairie". Ben wore a pair of overalls that were a size too small...he truly looked like a little boy that had received some hand-me-downs...high risers! Andrew did not have a pair of overalls so he wore some older jeans with a plaid shirt. Ms. Judie, a lady in our church, made me a skirt and apron...that looked very old fashioned...Roger said it looked like I was wearing a curtain :)

Here is a family photo...

Roger and the boys enjoyed the outdoor games...I did the popcorn relay but I was afraid to do the sack races and three legged races...I didn't want to fall being pregnant and all :) One of the funniest things had to be the pie eating contest. It was full of jello and cool Daddy was so funny...he said it kept getting up his nose. Here's a picture...
We had games galore for the kids inside. Here is my brother, Nathan and his son, Lane. They were fishing for a prize!

We had candy donated and were able to give each child probably 2 or 3 pounds of candy each...and we still have candy left. It was so much fun for everyone! My sister-in-law, Courtney, and my Mama worked very hard to make it a success...Great job ladies!!

When it was all said and done...Roger and I took our family and walked off into the sunset ;)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Only 4 More Weeks!

I am so excited about the holiday season peaking around the corner. Only four more weeks and we'll be off for Thanksgiving! I am ready for a week break! I think my students are too!!

We had a wonderful weekend! Saturday, Roger and I took the boys to Kid's Kingdom for a picnic and playing. They absolutely loved it! Then, we went home and just relaxed, played outside and enjoyed the afternoon. I told Roger that it was so nice not to have somewhere we had to we many times do on the weekends. I got my house all nice and clean and fresh smelling...I LOVE a clean house! But, as many of you doesn't stay that way for long!

We had great services at church yesterday! My Dad preached an alarming message at the morning service concerning the upcoming election and the possibilities of changes for Christians if a certain individual is elected. The important thing that he emphasized is that God already knows the outcome and we have to trust in HIM to take care of things. He is still on the throne and is in control. We need to be telling others about Him as we may not have long until the Lord returns for his children! I pray that the Lord would help me to be more bold for Him! I need more faith too...cause if we worry we don't trust and if we trust we don't worry! I sometimes worry when I should be trusting!!

I am now 14 weeks and 2 days pregnant...just 26 weeks to go...I know that seems like a lot but the holidays always pass quickly and that will at least get me to the 1/2 way mark. I am still wearing my normal clothes (Thank you Lord!!) but I'm starting to see somewhat of a bulge in the midline area...besides complaints here. I am very anxious to feel the baby move which will hopefully be within the next month. I still remember feeling Andrew and Ben and what a blessing that it truly is to feel a miracle inside of you!!

Well, I hope all is well with everyone! Keep me posted!

Monday, October 20, 2008

It's Monday, AGAIN???

Where does the weekend go? It seems like the week creeps by and the weekends zoom! I guess we try to do so much on Sat. and Sun....making the time go by fast. Friday night the boys and I went to see the homecoming court at West Lincoln...several of my present and former students were in the court...the girls were all beautiful...and the guys were dressed very sharp! I finally agreed to go for chinese with Roger Friday night...he loves it but I have had no desire for "Bo Bo's" since I got pregnant. It wasn't all that bad but I really made out like I was sacrificiing :)

Saturday, bright and early, we (Mama, the boys, & I) headed to the Wesson Flea Market. It wasn't all that impressive after going to Canton but we stayed about an hour and then headed back to work at the church...we are having revival this week at church and had to get beds and rooms ready. I ran home to take the boys to Bailey's birthday party and then Roger, the boys and I headed back to the church to help...we goofed off, rode around and then ate supper at Taco Bell (no, I didn't cook much this weekend!!).

Sunday morning I was up early cooking for dinner after church...boy did we have a spread. I made gumbo for the first time which turned out pretty good I thought. I couldn't really taste good though...I'm fighting a cold and you know being pregnant you can't take much of anything. We really had good services! We are looking forward to the Lord doing great things this week in our hearts and in our church! We surely need our fires relit!!

And then today, back to school. It is going to be an exhausting week. Don't get me wrong..I love having revival but it will definitely wear you out. I have to run to town after school today to pick up things to cook for tomorrow night...Ms. Stacy and I are cooking for the evangelists. I started laundry this morning so I guess I can finish after church know what they say..."A man works from sun to sun but a woman's work is never done!" I do believe it!!

On a final vomiting for a whole week! THANK YOU LORD!! I still have the nausea a little but NOTHING like it was! I am now 13 weeks and two days! Just 27 more weeks to go! ;)Ya'll have a great week!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

1st Pictures of Baby #3 - 12 Weeks 3 Days

HOW WONDERFUL THE LORD IS!! I was very blessed to see the baby in action yesterday afternoon at our first sonogram of baby #3. For the first little bit, the baby lay still with it's ankles crossed...then buddy did it start moving...trying to turn flips and moving it's feet and hands.

The boys were excited to see the's still a little hard for them to comprehend I think...especially since my belly is not yet poking out. The nausea is a little better...kinda comes and goes...thank the Lord! I can't wait for food to really look good again! I've lost 5 pounds so far....not that I didn't need to but I'd rather not do it that way :)

The baby measured a little bigger than expected so they are going to move my due date back three I am now due April 25. My next appointment is November 10th.