Friday, April 24, 2009

She's Here - Sarah Elizabeth "SarahBeth" Lofton

Wow! She is gorgeous! SarahBeth made her appearance yesterday afternoon at 4:15 p.m. She arrived weighing 7 pounds and 10 ounces and is 19 inches long. The hospital has free Wi-fi so I thought I could at least post a few pics now...I'll tell about the labor experience later....Here she is...Thank you Lord for this sweet baby girl!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Final Day at West Lincoln Before Maternity Leave!

Well, I have made it as far as I can go with my students...since Dr. Mills will be admitting me tomorrow night, I decided to take off tomorrow to spend with Ben before going into the hospital to welcome SarahBeth. It will be an adjustment for him moreso than Andrew I think...since he is used to being the baby...he is excited about his new sister though.

My contractions came pretty frequently yesterday afternoon so I went in to be checked...they must have just been the fake ones b/c they eventually stopped after I got relaxed. I will go back to the Dr. tomorrow afternoon at 3. Hopefully I will have dialated some more by then...regardless, he is supposed to put me in! He is on call on I'm sure he will! My sub is all lined up to come tomorrow. I hope the kids don't give her too hard of a time!!

I love teaching by my patience has grown thin. I am ready to have my sweet baby girl and get back into my normal clothes again...I love being pregnant...but at the can be a challenge to do most things!!

How much will she weigh? Who will she look like? How long is she? I am so excited that I get to answer these questions in about 48 hours!!

Stay tuned for pictures and keep us in your prayers!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Update on Doctor's Visit

I really appreciate all the prayers! I did have some progress since last week. I am a good one centimeter dialated and the baby has dropped a good bit. I am now 60% at least I am going forward and not backward!! Dr. Mills will see me again next Wednesday if I haven't gone into labor on my own. If everything still looks good, he will induce on Thursday morning. I am praying that I just go ahead on my own but if not, at least I have a definite date now and know that I won't be pregnant forever. For those of you who have had know what I'm talking about!!

I just met with the lady that will be taking my place in the classroom and I feel really good about leaving things in her hands. I have everything for the kids all ready to go and organized by color in folders...I really tried to make it easy for her. The kids only have about 4 weeks plus exam week to I won't miss that much!! I am going to enjoy being off with Sarah Beth and Ben and then in a few weeks...Andrew too!!

Please keep us in your prayers and I will keep you posted!! I can't wait to add pictures of Sarah Beth to our blog!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter 2009

I am so very thankful for the true meaning of Easter...our Saviour arose and defeated death and the grave and sin...all for us!! He is truly a wonderful God!!

We are still anxiously awaiting Sarah Beth's arrival...if some of you have heard the Christian song, The Sooner The Better, then you know what I've been singing. The song talks about the coming of Jesus...but I have been singing it in regards to the coming of Sarah Beth!! It says, "the sooner the better, today would be just fine"!

We had a family picture made at Mama's on Sunday afternoon....My hubby and the boys looked so handsome!!

I have a doctor's appointment again today at 3:00. Please pray that I have dialated some. My suspicions are that he will tell me to come back next Wednesday and then if I have dialated some, he will put me in on Thursday morning to induce...I know that doesn't seem like long but it is to me...I would rather he put me in on Monday or Tuesday!! Who knows? Or maybe she'll just come on her own!! That would be fine too!! I'll let you know how it goes!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Well...Nothing's Changed :(

My appointment was somewhat frustrating yesterday. Dr. Mills said everything looks good but I haven't dialated anymore. I guess that at this point...I really shouldn't be...but with all the contractions, I would like to think my body is doing something productive!!

Sarah Beth's heartbeat still is precious music to my ears. I can't wait to hold her and feel it in her chest!! A lady was at the clinic that had a two week old. She looked so small. It will be an adjustment to have a little one exciting!

Dr. Mills will see me again next Wednesday...April 15...and will check me again. He wants me to be at least 1 or two centimeters before he induces...which he says he will do anywhere between the 39th and 40th week. The 39th week begins on April 20 and the due date is April hopefully, I will have a baby between those dates...unless she decides to make her appearance earlier...which would be perfectly fine with me!! At this point, she is considered full term and would be fine!!

I am planning to walk and exercise during our Easter break...tomorrow-Monday. Maybe that will help the situation a little. I also want to work in the yard a little if the weather is nice. Anyway...stay tuned! Thanks for your continued prayers!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another Check-Up This Afternoon!

Well, since we are getting close, I am having to go to the Dr. every week now. I must say that it can be very frustrating. I usually have to wait at least an just gets boring. Today being Wednesday, my time is limited anyway as we try to get ready for church and get baths and eat supper all before seven. Luckily, Roger usually is a big help in making sure that the kids get clean!! Andrew pretty much is independent in that department now...I just have to make sure he picks out appropriate clothes for church and that he and Ben don't make a water mess in the bathroom. Ben still has to be bathed but he is learning. He definitely prefers a bath but we are encouraging the shower too some!! It is quicker and less messy for days like today.

Last night we attended the bike night at the place where my brother, Nathan, works. (Honda of Brookhaven) Roger rode his motorcyle out to the festivities...which he says he nearly froze! We followed in the van. It is sponsored by a local Christian Motorcycle organization. They had barbeque, popcorn, drinks, motorcycle games and door prizes. Nathan won every game. He let Andrew do one with him where Andrew rode on the back (at super slow speed of course) and tossed hula hoops onto orange cones. That is all I have heard from Andrew. He thought he was something!! Ben didn't get to ride and was disappointed...but we weren't sure he would hold on tight enough. Roger didn't participate in the motorcycle games...he is a little shy when it comes to doing things in front of others!!

Well, hopefully Dr. Mills will have some encouraging news today. He tells me that he will induce a week before my due date which I am guessing will be around April 20...April 21st. That is close and I am ready! Sarah Beth is out of room in my tight belly!!

I'll update everyone tomorrow on any news from the Dr. Have a great Wednesday! And oh, Happy Birthday, Lane. My nephew Lane is 4 today. Mama is baking him a cake...yum!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

A Beautiful Baby Shower!

The Lord has truly blessed me with the opportunity to work with some really GREAT people. Yesterday afternoon after school, my co-workers hosted a beautiful shower. Everything was PINK, of course, and the refreshments were yummy!

I received the nicest gifts!! Sarah Beth's closet is getting full very quickly!! Mama, Courtney (my sister-in-law), Anna Grace (my beautiful niece), my MaMaw and the boys were all present. I haven't taken any pregnant pictures so far but was forced to for this occasion. I have gained a total of 18 pounds...lots better than I did with the boys...I sure hope to get back to the size I was when I married after having Sarah Beth...she is the caboose so there is no reason not to...Here are the pictures!! The first is of the canvas that I will be hanging above her bed. My co-worker and former teacher when I was in the 8th and 9th grade had this made for me. In fact, her daughter, Allison painted it and she and I graduated together. I never knew she was so talented. She also painted the smaller sign which I plan to hang on the door at the hospital. She is going to add the date, weight, and length on the sides and bottom.
So many nice gifts!!

From Such Sweet People!!
Cute! Cute!

Andrew & Anna Grace Smiling for the Camera!

I love being a Mama! I can't wait to add Sarah Beth (well outside of my belly) to this picture!! My boys are truly a blessing from God...we are so excited to add a female to the mix!! Wonder which one she'll look like...light hair and blue eyes like Andrew...or dark hair with brown eyes like Ben...we'll see in about 2 1/2 weeks!!

Special Thanks to the hostesses: Elaine Case, Gwen Dickey, Karen Dunaway, Linda Franklin, Margaret Gee, Vicky King, Janice Holmes, Holli Pepper, Becky Smith, Debbie Smith, and Janet Smith