Saturday, June 20, 2009

First Day of Vacation!

We are having a blast so far on vacation! We arrived here at 4:15 a.m. this morning in Birchwood, TN where my mom's sister, Aunt Tracy and her family live. It is only about 20 miles from Chattanooga...where we enjoyed our first vacation activity today!

We took the kids today to the Discovery Museum. It was SO neat...educational and fun at the same time. Nearly every activity was hands on and the boys loved it...if you are ever in the area...I highly recommend it for families...

We have really enjoyed our day here with Aunt Tracy, Uncle Craig, Cassie (my cousin) and her three children...Hallie, Mikai & Jaxon. The boys are really enjoying playing with the kids. Uncle Craig even took Roger and Andrew for a spin in the boat...Andrew loved it. I have nearly 50 pictures that I took today....but for some reason, blogger is not wanting to upload any pictures...I'll have to try again later....

Last Tee Ball Game of 2009

Well, we had our last tee ball game Tuesday night for 2009. It was SO HOT!! When we left the ball field...the State Bank sign said 102 degrees...I'm not sure if that was correct but it certainly felt that hot! The boys were miserable in the blazing sun...My wonderful MaMaw and PaPaw watched Sarah Beth while we were at the was just too hot for her.

Speaking of my baby girl, she had a check-up on Monday and had her first set of shots. She definitely did not enjoy it!! She did not really act fussy afterwards...nor did she run fever...Thank you Lord! Ever since Ben had the febrile seizures (seizures brought on by fever...he had two and both scared me to death)....I am not fond of even a low grade fever. Anyway...she is growing like a weed...she is now up to 10.6 pounds and is 23 inches long! I am so thankful for a healthy baby!

The boys really enjoyed playing ball this year Andrew will move up to buddy ball...but it was wonderful for them to play on the same team at least one year!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Fun & Smiles!

How wonderful it is to be off with my kids for the summer. The Lord blessed us with timing of Sarah Beth for sure...she will be about 16 weeks old before I have to return to school. We have been busy lately...last week I taught two workshops which kept me busy for four of the days...the kids enjoyed time with Nana and also MaMaw Biggs! I am so fortunate to have such wonderful people to take care of them while I am working! Andrew somewhat misses is a picture of him getting an award on award's day before school got out...

The boys are loving can see some pics below. Andrew is really good this year...he should be...this is his third year...he started when he was four. Ben is not so good...but he is learning...he too is just four for his first year...he is so cute in his little uniform!

As for Sarah Beth...she is the BEST baby. She is sleeping six to seven hours without waking up at night...then she gets up for a bottle and goes right back to sleep...then she is up at about 9 a.m. I am loving this!! Ben was not a good sleeper so I can surely appreciate her. She is growing TOO fast. She is smiling...which melts our hearts...she is also getting better with holding her head...she will be seven weeks this Thursday. We go for shots next say a special prayer for her and me!!
We are all getting excited about vacation...we are leaving a week from this Friday. We are headed to the mountains and have lots of fun things planned including lots of time for relaxing. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures. Well, Sarah Beth is demanding that I pick her up and I can't type fast holding I'll go for now.