Thursday, December 11, 2008

And the Baby Is....

Roger and I really contemplated finding out the sex of baby #3. With both of the boys we waited until their births to find out what there were...but we are planning that this will be our last baby and so I wanted to find out. We discussed it back and forth even up until going into the sonogram room yesterday afternoon. I was very anxious...we watched as the sonographer showed the sweet head and face...then she looked at the hands and feet...and then she asked..."So, do you want to know?" I looked at Roger and he said yeah, so we both prepared as she took a look between the sweet little legs of our baby...and guess what????

We are so excited!! Now, I just can't WAIT to hold her. We would have been excited if she had been a boy but were praying that God would allow us the priviledge of raising a little girl along with our two boys! The boys are so excited to as they both said they wanted a baby sister. And so now, we have to decide on a name...don't have a clue but we have plenty of time. I hope when I get back to school to be able to scan the sonogram pictures so that you can see how sweet she is in her second pictures (see earlier blog for first pictures). Please pray that the remainder of the pregnancy will go smoothly and we can welcome this sweet blessing into our lives in April, 2009!!

Snow Day!

We were out of school today due to several inches of snow! I must say that it was exciting because we very rarely see snow in Mississippi. The boys and Roger enjoyed playing but not for was very cold and wet!! Roger went to work but was sent home at about 9 so we have spent most of the day together! We ended up going to Mama's around 11 a.m. because we lost electricity and it got pretty cold in the house pretty quickly!!

Here are some pictures that Courtney took earlier...
As you can see, Andrew will be singing something about wanting his two front teeth for Christmas!! He just lost the second top middle one last night at church.
This is me, Andrew and Lane (my nephew) playing together. Roger and Ben are in the background. It was so cold especially without gloves!!

Ben was quickly shouting that he wanted to inside. Here he is shedding the gloves...he is not much on being cold...even if there is snow everywhere!!

It was fun...I just dread having to make up the missed day of school!! It was good to get to spend the day with family :)

Ben's 4th Birthday

WOW! What exciting things have happened since my last entry. We celebrated a wonderful Thanksgiving! The family, food, and fun were all memorable. Then on Black Friday we (Mama, Me & Courtney) went shopping at 4 a.m. It was fun but we have decided that we will never try McComb again. I saw fights in the Wal-Mart store that required was quite an experience. We'll try Jackson next year!

On Saturday, we had Ben a birthday party. He wanted the Veggietales theme and needless to say I looked everywhere but could not find any birthday party supplies. We were able to find examples of cakes online and so Mama took a stab at making a Bob & Larry cake. It was so cute. Ben was SO proud of it!!

Ben is such a cutie...He is growing up so fast. He got a VeggieTales castle that he loves playing has all the little characters and he enjoys playing "house" with them. The carrot's name is actually really "Laura" and so he has given another one of the characters the name "Roger"...he has such a vivid imagination...I can't wait to see the ways that God chooses to use him! I love you "Ben, Ben"!!