Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snow Day!

We were out of school today due to several inches of snow! I must say that it was exciting because we very rarely see snow in Mississippi. The boys and Roger enjoyed playing but not for was very cold and wet!! Roger went to work but was sent home at about 9 so we have spent most of the day together! We ended up going to Mama's around 11 a.m. because we lost electricity and it got pretty cold in the house pretty quickly!!

Here are some pictures that Courtney took earlier...
As you can see, Andrew will be singing something about wanting his two front teeth for Christmas!! He just lost the second top middle one last night at church.
This is me, Andrew and Lane (my nephew) playing together. Roger and Ben are in the background. It was so cold especially without gloves!!

Ben was quickly shouting that he wanted to inside. Here he is shedding the gloves...he is not much on being cold...even if there is snow everywhere!!

It was fun...I just dread having to make up the missed day of school!! It was good to get to spend the day with family :)

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