Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another Check-Up This Afternoon!

Well, since we are getting close, I am having to go to the Dr. every week now. I must say that it can be very frustrating. I usually have to wait at least an just gets boring. Today being Wednesday, my time is limited anyway as we try to get ready for church and get baths and eat supper all before seven. Luckily, Roger usually is a big help in making sure that the kids get clean!! Andrew pretty much is independent in that department now...I just have to make sure he picks out appropriate clothes for church and that he and Ben don't make a water mess in the bathroom. Ben still has to be bathed but he is learning. He definitely prefers a bath but we are encouraging the shower too some!! It is quicker and less messy for days like today.

Last night we attended the bike night at the place where my brother, Nathan, works. (Honda of Brookhaven) Roger rode his motorcyle out to the festivities...which he says he nearly froze! We followed in the van. It is sponsored by a local Christian Motorcycle organization. They had barbeque, popcorn, drinks, motorcycle games and door prizes. Nathan won every game. He let Andrew do one with him where Andrew rode on the back (at super slow speed of course) and tossed hula hoops onto orange cones. That is all I have heard from Andrew. He thought he was something!! Ben didn't get to ride and was disappointed...but we weren't sure he would hold on tight enough. Roger didn't participate in the motorcycle games...he is a little shy when it comes to doing things in front of others!!

Well, hopefully Dr. Mills will have some encouraging news today. He tells me that he will induce a week before my due date which I am guessing will be around April 20...April 21st. That is close and I am ready! Sarah Beth is out of room in my tight belly!!

I'll update everyone tomorrow on any news from the Dr. Have a great Wednesday! And oh, Happy Birthday, Lane. My nephew Lane is 4 today. Mama is baking him a cake...yum!!

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Angela said...

How exciting that you will meet your little girl soon! Can't wait to see photos. You and your fam will be in my prayers as the time gets closer!