Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Old Fashioned Fall Festival - What a Blast to the Past!

This weekend was great! On Saturday, our church hosted an Old Fashioned Fall Festival. Most of us dressed like "Little House on the Prairie". Ben wore a pair of overalls that were a size too small...he truly looked like a little boy that had received some hand-me-downs...high risers! Andrew did not have a pair of overalls so he wore some older jeans with a plaid shirt. Ms. Judie, a lady in our church, made me a skirt and apron...that looked very old fashioned...Roger said it looked like I was wearing a curtain :)

Here is a family photo...

Roger and the boys enjoyed the outdoor games...I did the popcorn relay but I was afraid to do the sack races and three legged races...I didn't want to fall being pregnant and all :) One of the funniest things had to be the pie eating contest. It was full of jello and cool whip...my Daddy was so funny...he said it kept getting up his nose. Here's a picture...
We had games galore for the kids inside. Here is my brother, Nathan and his son, Lane. They were fishing for a prize!

We had candy donated and were able to give each child probably 2 or 3 pounds of candy each...and we still have candy left. It was so much fun for everyone! My sister-in-law, Courtney, and my Mama worked very hard to make it a success...Great job ladies!!

When it was all said and done...Roger and I took our family and walked off into the sunset ;)

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~neisha~ said...

Laura, this looks like so much FUN! I'm gonna keep this "little house on the prairie" theme in mind for our church's fall fest next year. Fun, fun!