Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday!

I must say that I am excited as Thanksgiving holidays get closer and closer. I have so much to be thankful for...I have to be sure that I am excited about the true meaning of this holiday and not just that I get a week off of work!! God is such a wonderful Saviour! He has blessed me beyond what I could imagine or deserve!

I forgot to mention in my last update that we are scheduled for a sonogram at my next check-up on baby #3 (December 10th at 2:45). So many ask if I am going to find out the gender...I didn't with either of my first two...I am tempted with this one. We do plan for this to be my last baby...and most of you know that my desire is for a girl...Roger really wants a girl...but God knows what we NEED! If I found out in the sonogram room that it was a boy, then I may be tempted to be a little disappointed...but if I wait until the baby is born..and after laboring and waiting, they hand me a precious little boy, there is no way I could look down at his sweet face and be disappointed or say "I wish you were a little girl." That may not make a lot of sense to most of you. But it is almost like opening a Christmas present too early. Roger is up for what I want...we can find out or not...and I am so tempted...but at this point...I think we'll wait for the surprise!

Andrew and Ben continue to make us smile everyday. Ben will be four in just a little over a week...he says the cutest things. Last night he called his daddy "Baby"...Roger nearly fell out of the chair was precious...Andrew had a little case of the stomach bug yesterday so he missed his first day of school. He had perfect attendance last year in Kindergarten and so far had not missed a day this year...another reason that we feel so blessed. The kids are rarely sick and when they are...they normally get over it pretty quickly.

I hope to do some fall cleaning next week. I really need to sell some of the boys clothes...the shed is running over with Rubbermaid boxes. I have everything that both of them have ever worn and 12 boxes takes up a lot of room. I want to keep the best things in case I do have another boy but we have got to have some room. I have no idea what we'll do with the baby's clothes...we really need another closet. I guess if the baby is a girl, Andrew and Ben will share a room. If it's a boy, then they'll probably do as they are room with beds and the other room for a play room with all their toys. We have talked about adding on...we really need to...we are just kinda waiting to see what the economy and interest rate does. We only owe12 years on our house. We had thought about selling and rebuilding but it is so hard to find land around here...we'll just keep praying about it.

Well I guess I've said enough. I hope you all have a good rest of the week!

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