Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November Check-Up on Baby #3

Whew! We've been busy! Monday I went for my check-up with Dr. Mills. He said everything looked good. We listened to the heartbeat, this time he only had to use a regular stethoscope. As he listened, the baby kicked making a thumping noise...I couldn't actually feel it but it was very sweet to hear. I have began feeling the butterflies as most call it...the first feelings of movement from the baby. It is the sweetest feeling!! I guess when it was kicking at the doctor's office, they weren't hard kicks...

This weekend, Roger took us fishing. We didn't catch a thing but we had a lot of fun together as a family. We went out to the farm of Roger's boss. It was very secluded and beautiful. Andrew got the new rocket fishing rod that you actually shoot instead of cast. He loved it! So did Roger...he wasn't constantly casting for Andrew...and it is a constant thing for him...he can't leave it out there more than 10 secs. Ben played in the dirt most of the time...and followed me around the pond...I cast a few times...until the bait hung on a stick in the pond...then I was pretty much out of luck as Roger was way around the other side. Saturday night, Mama and Daddy fixed steaks for everyone. I ended up eating a bowl of cereal. The smoke smell just killed my appetite.

Yesterday we had a wonderful veteran's day program here at the school. Daddy was able to bring MaMaw and PaPaw. They seemed to enjoy it. The program was special and PaPaw even won a doorprize at the reception.

Well, I must go for now! Sorry I didn't have pictures of us fishing. I took my camera but never used it :)

God Bless!

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~neisha~ said...

are you planning to find out what you're having, Laura? or, will you wait for the surprise in April?