Monday, October 20, 2008

It's Monday, AGAIN???

Where does the weekend go? It seems like the week creeps by and the weekends zoom! I guess we try to do so much on Sat. and Sun....making the time go by fast. Friday night the boys and I went to see the homecoming court at West Lincoln...several of my present and former students were in the court...the girls were all beautiful...and the guys were dressed very sharp! I finally agreed to go for chinese with Roger Friday night...he loves it but I have had no desire for "Bo Bo's" since I got pregnant. It wasn't all that bad but I really made out like I was sacrificiing :)

Saturday, bright and early, we (Mama, the boys, & I) headed to the Wesson Flea Market. It wasn't all that impressive after going to Canton but we stayed about an hour and then headed back to work at the church...we are having revival this week at church and had to get beds and rooms ready. I ran home to take the boys to Bailey's birthday party and then Roger, the boys and I headed back to the church to help...we goofed off, rode around and then ate supper at Taco Bell (no, I didn't cook much this weekend!!).

Sunday morning I was up early cooking for dinner after church...boy did we have a spread. I made gumbo for the first time which turned out pretty good I thought. I couldn't really taste good though...I'm fighting a cold and you know being pregnant you can't take much of anything. We really had good services! We are looking forward to the Lord doing great things this week in our hearts and in our church! We surely need our fires relit!!

And then today, back to school. It is going to be an exhausting week. Don't get me wrong..I love having revival but it will definitely wear you out. I have to run to town after school today to pick up things to cook for tomorrow night...Ms. Stacy and I are cooking for the evangelists. I started laundry this morning so I guess I can finish after church know what they say..."A man works from sun to sun but a woman's work is never done!" I do believe it!!

On a final vomiting for a whole week! THANK YOU LORD!! I still have the nausea a little but NOTHING like it was! I am now 13 weeks and two days! Just 27 more weeks to go! ;)Ya'll have a great week!!

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