Tuesday, March 31, 2009

1st T-Ball Practice

It's so funny to see how different two children from the same two people can be! Andrew is now in his third year of t-ball...he missed moving up to buddy ball by one day...and Ben (Bless his heart) is starting his first year! He was so funny...especially trying to throw the ball. He wanted to throw it from his glove...not with his bare hand!! I am so glad that they get to be on the same team at least for one year!! Unfortunately, Lane (my nephew) is on another team and will be playing on a different night of the week...so we'll be visiting the ball field quite often in a few weeks!! Our first game is May 5th...the same day that Ben is to have a lot of dental work done...so I'm not sure he will be up to playing! We'll see. We'll have Sarah Beth by then too!! It seems unreal that she will be here in a just a few weeks! And we'll not know what we did without her!

Andrew is actually one of the more experienced on his team, so he played on the pitcher's mound yesterday. He did get hit smack in the eye...it was black for most of the evening but looks fine today! He didn't cry or even act like it hurt...he was tough!!

Ben did his best at hitting. He does great at home but gets a little nervous in front of everyone. Here is a picture of Ms. Heather (the coach's wife) helping him....

Here's a couple more snapshots....

After practice, we went to visit with some family that are here visiting from Georgia....The Hawthorne Gang. They used to live here but moved last summer. Andrew so misses playing with Elana and Ben and Colton get along so well together. We enjoyed barbeque chicken and ribs and even hamburgers. It was late but delicious. Here is a snapshot of the boys with my PaPaw...I treasure each time that the boys get to spend with MaMaw and PaPaw...they love it and it is making memories that they will never forget!

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