Monday, March 23, 2009

Sarah Beth's Nursery

Pink and Brown and Polka Dots Too!!

I am so excited!! Sarah Beth's room is almost complete (still need to put some things on the wall!!) My Mama (the best in the world) came over last Wednesday and painted her room for me. I spent the morning cleaning out toys and moving the boys into the same room. Ben had a tough time understanding why we were painting his room pink but quickly caught on to the idea that he and Andrew were going to share a room. They have been sleeping so good in their new helps since Ben is a kicker and he kills me when he comes to get in bed with us. At this point I guess it doesn't matter since I am not sleeping well at all anyway...between heartburn and leg cramps and a big belly...but I am so thankful for being able to have babies! Please don't think I'm complaining!!

Roger put up the crib on Thursday and I was able to work in her room on Friday, hanging clothes in the closet and organizing her dresser. My wonderful, sweet friends in Starkville (Leanne and Ms. Marilyn) sent me a wonderful surprise with was the beautiful burp rag (this was the first time that I had seen her name monogrammed...I almost cried it was so beautiful) and then the other....a beautiful white bib which I plan to let her wear on her first Sunday to church. Thanks again sweet friends!!

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Kelly Taylor said...

Sarah Beth's room is beautiful! So pink and girly...she'll love it. I love that bedding.