Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another Check-up

Well, yesterday was another check-up for me and Sarah Beth. We had to wait over an hour while Dr. Mills was delivering a baby and making rounds at the hospital. I tried to get in a cat nap but those tables are so hard and it hurts to actually lay on my back with this protrusion in the front. She was very active, especially when he started listening to her heartbeat. He measured me and said everything looked good. I have gained a pound in the last two weeks. At this point, he said that babies are gaining about 1/2 pound a week so I suggested that that pound was HER pound!! :)

I have 6 weeks and 4 days to go until he suggested that I may be induced (April 20th). We have exams next week and then spring break so I'm sure time will start flying least I hope so!

To make room for Sarah Beth, we are going to move Andrew and Ben into the same room. They already sleep in the same room but in different beds. I have ordered them new furniture for their room...check it out.... They will share a full size bed and each have a chest of drawers to match. It should be here tomorrow. They are excited!

I hope to have my daddy build a large shelf for toys...we will be moving the toy room into their room also...and then I can start working on her nursery. Lots to do in six weeks! Keep us in your prayers :)

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