Thursday, February 19, 2009

3rd Sonogram and Check-Up

I went for a check up yesterday. I have started going every two weeks now. Dr. Mills wanted to see how big Sarah Beth was getting and to make sure everything was good and it was. She weights approx. 3 pounds and 12 ounces. She was so sweet on the monitor. Roger was not able to go to this one with me so Mama and the boys went. The boys were amazed. Andrew especially liked hearing the heartbeat. The sonographer did it twice for him. Ben says he is ready to go back and see her. She is a very active baby in the womb. More so than I remember my boys being. I have gained a total of 11 pounds that's not bad if you ask me. She will start gaining a good bit probably from here on out. They expect that she will be average size. The boys were 7.3 and I suspect she'll be about the same. It's getting closer. Dr. Mills said I should have a baby around April 20th or 21st....which is only 8 weeks from Monday. I really want to get her room setup soon...I'll post pics when we get that done!! Here are the sonogram pics. My next appointment is on Roger's birthday, March 4th.

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