Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Little Student of the Month

Andrew is growing up so fast...already almost finished with the 1st grade...time is flying by...

This morning he received the Student of the Month award for January. Roger and Mama came to watch as he received a certificate and t-shirt. He was so excited...grinning from ear to ear!

He was thrilled that his Daddy was able to take off and come and watch him...they are so handsome, aren't they!!

I am really glad that Andrew enjoys school...and he does so good! So far, he still has never gotten his name on the board...I'm afraid if he does...he'll probably cry! He is tenderhearted. We are so proud of him, though. It does pay off to discipline and raise them to be respectful! Just gives me a full heart today!! We love you Andrew!

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