Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mud Ridin!

This past Saturday, Roger and the boys had a big time while I went to get a haircut. When I returned, they were all pretty muddy. A couple of weeks back, Roger brought home a tractor and tried to clean up in the back yard....after all the rain, it was pretty muddy on the back side of our land. So he took the opportunity to let the boys have some fun. Andrew rode his four wheeler while Roger and Ben were on his. Andrew had a time getting himself and his bike all muddy!

Roger and Ben...aren't they cute!!

What will we do when Sarah Beth arrives?? Will she enjoy the outdoors as much as Ben and Andrew??? I'm sure her daddy will have her loving the four wheeler as much as they do for sure!!


~neisha~ said...

oh yes, I'm sure she'll LOVE the 4-wheeler.... LOL - 4-wheelers are great to get babies to sleep! LOL

Angela said...

Congrats on only gaining 11 pounds so far! I didn't get to tell you yesterday, but you look great!