Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sarah Elizabeth "Sarah Beth" Lofton

Well, I think we are pretty settled on the name for our sweet baby girl that is on the way. We will call her Sarah Beth. We wanted to use a Bible name as we have for Andrew and Benjamin "Ben" and I wanted her to have my middle name which is Elizabeth. I also wanted a double name...thus Sarah Beth. The boys are already wanting to pick out things for Sarah Beth...Ben says her name so sweet...kinda like Serda Beff....

We really hope to get new furniture for the boys room since they will soon have to share a room until we can hopefully build on to the house! Everything is just questionable in the economy right now and I hate to spend any of our savings until we know how things are gonna go...We'll just have to see :)

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Kelly Taylor said...

Congratulations Laura! I really like double names. Sarah Beth fits very well with the boys' names.