Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas 2008

Our God is truly a wonderful Saviour!! We were so blessed this Christmas! I realize that many families had to cut back on Christmas this year...we did too to some extent...but we certainly did not go without! Andrew and Ben received more presents than they knew what to do fact, I've put some of them in the top of the closet and when they get bored with their current toys, I'll get a new one down and they will be so excited! I did this last year and it really worked out good!!

Christmas morning, I of course was the first up...I didn't have to call Andrew and Ben very much before they came a running! Roger was a little tougher but he wasn't far behind them. We had prayer first and discussed the true meaning of the season...Jesus Christ. We then let them start opening gifts...they made a huge mess....

Roger bought me some very special gifts...the most special being a charm to add to my necklace...I have a necklace that has the little boys with their birthstones...he bought me a little girl with the April birthstone to add to it...I have to say I cried a few tears...he said he bought it before we even had the ultrasound...I guess he just had a feeling that we were having a girl! It was priceless!!

We then headed to Mama's where she had breakfast casserole ready for us to eat. We ate and then once again had prayer...this time Andrew prayed. It was the sweetest prayer I have ever heard him say. I wish I had videoed it...he prayed for the lost that they would receive salvation, he prayed for the kids who did not have toys for Christmas...he even prayed for the soldier's families who were away during the holidays. There wasn't a dry adult eye in the room. It was very special!!

We all had tons of gifts to was very fun! We then headed home to take down the tree and pack...we were headed to the mountains!! I'll tell you about our trip in my next post!!

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